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Friday, April 20, 2012

Million Keywords for your business

million keywords!This site provides a list of 1230 important keywords of many categories and millions of keywords to work on them to earn through your blog or site. These are Highly Targeted Keyword Lists By Micro Niche. Passive online income is assured. you can earn from face book too. 
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Highest Earning Keywords

highest earning keyword salma hayek

Many people will be searching for highest earning keywords. What is the advantage with these highest earning keywords? yea, even a single click can bring more adsense earning. right. But we have to consider many things. Though you wave a web of rich costly keywords content, we dont know when the visitor comes and what ad will be displayed to him. For example for a keyword of Health Insurance, the highest ad bid may be $10. But those advertisers can mentione specific times and geographical areas to display with a limit of daily budget for their ads. So, after some time, we may get cheap ads also for the same keyword. This is strength and weakness for us.
You can bid for costly keywords with least bid and wait for any sporadic, occasional clicks which may bring some money. Many MFA websites are made like this. MFA means, made for Adsense. They will not keep any content in that page, but some ads of adsense and wait for their turn. When some one goes to their page, they may click any one ad which brings revenue for them. Visitor psychology is this. He thinks he can get best 20 sites on health insurance, by seeing this MFA ad through adsense. When you click and go to their site, you dont find anything but some more ads. In that vexed condition you would click any one ad, not to make your effort of going to that site waste.
so, my suggestion is write content around rich keywords and accept what ever you get. Then how to know rich keywords.
visit http://pixelfast.com/overture and find out the highest bids for the keyword you enter.
and secondly, external tool from google at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal?defaultView=2.
you can find out bid rates and thus get information about the highest earning keywords.
You have to keep an eye on top searches also, which will be displayed on msn.com, yahoo.com very often, almost all daily. You may find out these and make content on these.
Registering with wordtracker will be sending some top searches and highest earning keywords , but this has limited use.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

How to find highest paying keywords for adsense

We have to be vigilant while tracking the trends of searches which would give us a hint of highest earning keywords for adsense. But, the information about highest earning keywords alone would not be sufficient. Even if you hastily keep some posting with those keywords , adsense will not err by placing highest earning keyword ads. It reads entire site, decides the topic or theme and accordingly keeps ads in the first page of the site. inner pages ads are placed as per the keyword concentration. So find rich keywords that bring us profits from the adwords external keyword tool, find the bid for that keyword and also cross check with yahoo rates for the same keyword.
There is a misguiding phenomena in this adsense world. The keyword tool tells that the highest bid is 100 dollars but the bid amount is only 100 dollars, so that that day only one click or two gets that rate. The next immidiate bid can be at 40 dollars. so, we should be clever in finding the highest earning keywords.
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

SEO Elite reduced price, discount offer

Dealdotcom is offering the seo elite software for 97 US Dollars while the market rate for this elite keyword software is around 165 US Dollars. The deal looks attractive. It is obvious that keyword elite software would help us to find out the cheap keywords to compete and make our website competetive in the market to attract traffic. This software helps to discover how any page ranks at the top of the Search Engines,Learns how many and which pages each major search engine has indexed and Finds exactly which websites your competitors are advertising on.
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